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mbedtls Light-weight cryptographic and SSL/TLS library 2.16.7 1.mga7 2020-07-08
xpdf A PDF file viewer for the X Window System 4.02 1.2.mga7 2020-07-08
mediawiki A wiki engine 1.31.8 1.mga7 2020-07-08
ffmpeg Hyper fast audio and video encoder 4.1.6 1.mga7 2020-07-07
ffmpeg Hyper fast audio and video encoder 4.1.6 1.mga7.tainted 2020-07-07
vino GNOME VNC server 3.22.0 3.2.mga7 2020-07-07
coturn Free open source implementation of TURN and STUN Server 2.4.mga7 2020-07-07
ruby Object Oriented Script Language 2.5.8 21.mga7 2020-07-05
samba Server and Client software to interoperate with Windows machines 4.10.17 1.mga7 2020-07-05
ldb Library implementing Samba's embedded database 1:1.5.8 1.mga7 2020-07-05
tcpreplay A tool to replay captured network traffic 4.3.3 1.mga7 2020-07-03
firefox-l10n Localizations for Firefox (virtual package) 68.10.0 1.mga7 2020-07-03
firefox Mozilla Firefox Web browser 0:68.10.0 1.mga7 2020-07-02
nss Network Security Services 2:3.52.1 1.1.mga7 2020-07-02
rootcerts Bundle of CA Root Certificates 1:20200612.00 1.mga7 2020-07-02
nspr Netscape Portable Runtime 2:4.26 1.mga7 2020-07-02
wireshark Network traffic analyzer 3.0.12 1.mga7 2020-07-02
pdns-recursor Recursor for PowerDNS 4.1.17 1.mga7 2020-07-02
libvncserver An easy API to write one's own VNC server 0.9.13 1.mga7 2020-07-02
libxml2 Library providing XML and HTML support 2.9.9 2.4.mga7 2020-06-30
qttools5 Qt GUI toolkit 5.12.6 1.1.mga7 2020-06-28
desktop-file-utils Utilities for working with desktop entries 0.26 1.mga7 2020-06-26
curl Gets a file from an FTP, GOPHER or HTTP server 1:7.71.0 1.mga7 2020-06-26
ntp Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) 4.2.8p15 1.mga7 2020-06-24
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 3.0.11 1.mga7.tainted 2020-06-22
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 3.0.11 1.mga7 2020-06-22
docker Automates deployment of containerized applications 18.09.9 1.1.mga7 2020-06-21
libvirt Toolkit to interact with virtualization capabilities 5.5.0 1.2.mga7 2020-06-21
libexif Library to access EXIF files (extended JPEG files) 0.6.22 1.1.mga7 2020-06-20
wifi-radar Utility for managing WiFi profiles 2.0.s10 3.1.mga7 2020-06-20
mariadb A very fast and reliable SQL database engine 10.3.23 1.mga7 2020-06-19
php The PHP scripting language 3:7.3.19 2.mga7 2020-06-19
python-httplib2 Python HTTP library module 0.18.0 1.mga7 2020-06-19
ethtool Utility for controlling network drivers and hardware 1:5.7 1.mga7 2020-06-18
bash The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) 4.4 23.1.1.mga7 2020-06-17
gnutls Library providing a secure layer (SSL) 3.6.14 1.mga7 2020-06-16
libjpeg A MMX/SSE2 accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image files 1:2.0.4 1.1.mga7 2020-06-16
cups CUPS printing system - Server package 2.2.13 1.4.mga7 2020-06-13
strace Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process 5.7 1.mga7 2020-06-12
flash-player-plugin Flash Player plugin for browsers 1.mga7.nonfree 2020-06-12
libupnp Library and tools for the UPnP protocol 1.8.4 3.1.mga7 2020-06-12
dbus D-Bus message bus 1.13.8 4.2.mga7 2020-06-12
axel A lightweight download accelerator by using multiple connections 2.17.8 2.mga7 2020-06-10
mbedtls Light-weight cryptographic and SSL/TLS library 2.16.6 1.mga7 2020-06-09
xawtv X11 program for watching TV 3.107 1.1.mga7 2020-06-08
msec Security Level management Linux distributions 2.8 1.mga7 2020-06-06
fmt Small, safe and fast formatting library 6.2.1 1.1.mga7 2020-06-06
networkmanager Network connection manager and user applicationf 1.18.8 1.mga7 2020-06-05
nghttp2 Experimental HTTP/2 client, server and proxy 1.41.0 1.mga7 2020-06-03
youtube-dl Small command-line program to download videos from YouTube 2020.05.29 1.mga7 2020-06-03
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