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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
php The PHP scripting language 3:7.4.16 1.mga7 2021-03-02 27914 (partial match, QA)
tellico A collection manager 3:3.1.4 3.mga7 2021-02-28
php-ast PHP extension exports the AST internally used by PHP 1.0.10 2.mga7 2021-02-03
nvidia-current NVIDIA proprietary driver and libraries, current driver series 460.39 1.mga7.nonfree 2021-02-01 28469 (partial match, QA)
mypaint Paint program for use with graphics tablets 2.0.1 1.mga7 2021-01-06 26607 (no QA)
mypaint-brushes Brushes to be used with the MyPaint library 2.0.2 1.mga7 2021-01-06 26607 (no QA)
libmypaint System libraries based on Mypaint 1.6.1 1.mga7 2021-01-06 26607 (no QA)
alsa-firmware Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) tools 1.2.1 1.mga7 2020-03-29 26387 (QA)
nocomprendo Voice command application for 1.0.6 1.mga7 2020-02-07
mscore Linux MusE Score Typesetter 3.4.1 1.mga7 2020-02-03
librepcb A powerful, innovative and intuitive EDA tool for everyone 0.1.3 1.mga7 2019-12-11
guitarix A simple mono guitar amplifier for JACK 0.38.1 1.1.mga7 2019-09-24 943 (no QA)
zita-resampler Fast, high-quality sample rate conversion library 1.6.2 1.mga7 2019-09-23