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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
nextcloud Open personal cloud 17.0.5 1.mga7 2020-04-18
nextcloud Open personal cloud 16.0.9 1.mga7 2020-04-13
ksnip Screenshot tool 1.6.1 1.mga7 2020-04-03
kimageannotator Tool for annotating images 0.2.1 1.mga7 2020-04-03
kcolorpicker Qt based Color Picker with popup menu 0.1.1 1.mga7 2020-04-03
darktable Open source photography workflow application and RAW developer 3.0.0 1.mga7 2019-12-30
sane SANE - local and remote scanner access 1.0.28 1.mga7 2019-10-18
pageedit Simple Single Page XHTML Visual Editor, split from Sigil's BookView 0.9.5 1.mga7 2019-10-15
flameshot Powerful and simple to use screenshot software 0.6.0 1.mga7 2019-09-20
kodi-pvr-iptvsimple Simple IPTV PVR for Kodi 3.6.0 1.mga7 2019-08-25
sayonara A lightweight Qt Audio player 1.5.1 1.mga7 2019-08-19
hijinx A game about platforming, curses, and turtles 1.1.0 1.mga7 2019-07-29
fire-and-fondness Short game about finding love in burning buildings 1.0.0 1.mga7 2019-07-29
pdftk-java PDF Tool Kit 3.0.6 1.mga7 2019-07-23