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Summary: A list of Wx::Scintilla constants

While we already have a good scintilla editor component support via
Wx::StyledTextCtrl in Perl, we already suffer from an older scintilla
package and thus lagging Perl support in the popular Wx Scintilla
component. wxWidgets the manpage has a *very slow*
release timeline. Scintilla is a contributed project which means it will
not be the latest by the time a new wxWidgets distribution is released. And
on the scintilla front, the Perl 5 lexer is not 100% bug free even and we
do not have any kind of Perl 6 support in Scintilla.

The ambitious goal of this project is to provide fresh Perl 5 and maybe 6
support in the Wx manpage while preserving compatibility with
Wx::StyledTextCtrl and continually contribute it back to Scintilla project.

Note: You cannot load Wx::STC and Wx::Scintilla in the same application.
They are mutually exclusive. The wxSTC_... events are handled by one
library or the other.

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: nobody

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