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Summary: Simple, intuitive interface to fork()

This module provides an intuitive, Perl-ish way to write forking programs
by letting you use blocks to illustrate which code section executes in
which fork. The code for the parent, child, retry handler and error handler
are grouped together in a "fork block". The clauses may appear in any
order, but they must be consecutive (without any other statements in

All four clauses need not be specified. If the retry clause is omitted,
only one fork will be attempted. If the error clause is omitted the program
will die with a simple message if it can't retry. If the parent or child
clause is omitted, the respective (parent or child) process will start
execution after the final clause. So if one or the other only has to do
some simple action, you need only specify that one. For example:

run_fork { child {
exec '/bin/ls', '-l';
die "Couldn't exec ls: $!
} };

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: nobody

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