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Summary: LWP tracing and debugging

BETA BETA BETA. This is currently an experiment. Things could change.
Please adjust accordingly.

It can be hard (or at least tedious) to debug mechanize scripts.
LWP::Debug is deprecated. It suggests you write your own debugging
handlers, set up a proxy or install Wireshark. Those are all workable
solutions, but this module exists to save you some of that work. The
guts of this module are stolen from Plack::Middleware::DebugLogging,
which in turn stole most of its internals from Catalyst. If you're new
to LWP::ConsoleLogger, I suggest getting started with the
LWP::ConsoleLogger::Easy wrapper. This will get you up and running in
minutes. If you need to tweak the settings that
LWP::ConsoleLogger::Easy chooses for you (or if you just want to be
fancy), please read on.

Since this is a debugging library, I've left as much mutable state as
possible, so that you can easily toggle output on and off and otherwise
adjust how you deal with the output.

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: sander85

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