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Summary: Collada 3D import and export libraries

COLLADA is a royalty-free XML schema that enables digital asset
exchange within the interactive 3D industry.
OpenCOLLADA is a Google Summer of Code Open Source project providing
libraries for 3D file interchange between applications like blender.
COLLADABaseUtils Utils used by many of the other projects
COLLADAFramework Datamodel used to load COLLADA files
COLLADAStreamWriter Sources (Library to write COLLADA files)
COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader Library that loads COLLADA files in a sax
like manner into the framework data model
COLLADAValidator XML validator for COLLADA files, based on
the COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader
GeneratedSaxParser Library used to load xml files in the way
used by COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader

License: MIT

Maintainer: tv

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