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arandr Screen layout editor for xrandr 1.2 (Another XRandR gui) 0.1.10 3.mga8 2019-10-13
meta-task Meta task listing packages by group 1:8 0.6.mga8 2019-10-13
solfege An ear-training program 3.23.4 1.mga8 2019-10-13
python-polkit-efl-agent Polkit-EFL is a user desktop session authentication agent 0.1.0 0.20150104git.9.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pymc Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling toolkit 3.5 6.mga8 2019-10-13
qtractor An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer 0.9.10 1.mga8 2019-10-13
recoll Desktop full text search tool with a Qt GUI 1.25.23 1.mga8 2019-10-13
suricata Intrusion Detection System 4.1.5 1.mga8 2019-10-13
python-axolotl Python port of libaxolotl-android 0.2.3 1.mga8 2019-10-13
gajim Jabber Client written in PyGTK 1.1.3 3.mga8 2019-10-13
python-axolotl-curve25519 curve25519 Python wrapper with Ed25519 signatures 1.mga8 2019-10-13
openssh OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation 8.1p1 1.mga8 2019-10-13
python-efl Python bindings for the EFL 1.22.0 2.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-string-width Get the visual width of a string - the number of columns required to display it 2.1.1 4.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-align-text Align the text in a string 1.0.2 3.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal) 4.0.0 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-serial Python serial port extension 3.4 4.mga8 2019-10-13
python-gmpy Python interface to GMP 1.17 14.mga8 2019-10-13
python-gmpy2 Python interface to GMP (v2) 2.0.8 5.mga8 2019-10-13
aspell A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program 0.60.8 1.mga8 2019-10-13
firewalld A firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall 0.7.2 1.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pyswagger A type-safe, dynamic, spec-compliant swagger client & converter for python 0.8.39 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-sherpa Sherpa is a modeling and fitting application 4.11.1 1.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pysvn Highlevel Subversion Python bindings 1.9.6 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pysmi SNMP SMI/MIB Parser 0.3.3 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pysnmp A pure-Python SNMPv1/v2c/v3 library 4.4.8 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-multilib A module for determining if a package is multilib or not 1.2 5.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pyfltk Python wrapper for the FLTK library 1.3.3 9.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pybluez Python wrappers around system Bluetooth resources 0.22 5.mga8 2019-10-13
obs-studio A recording/broadcasting program 24.0.3 1.mga8.tainted 2019-10-13
python-pyaml PyYAML-based module to produce pretty and readable YAML-serialized data 18.11.0 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pyaudio Python bindings for PortAudio 0.2.11 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pretend A library for stubbing in Python 1.0.9 4.mga8 2019-10-13
python-phply PHP parser written in Python 1.2.5 4.mga8 2019-10-13
python-mpd Python bindings for MPD 1.0.0 3.mga8 2019-10-13
python-oauth2client Python library for accessing resources protected by OAuth 2.0 4.1.3 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-oslo-serialization OpenStack OSLO Serialization 2.28.1 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-offtrac Trac xmlrpc library 0.1.0 10.mga8 2019-10-13
obs-studio A recording/broadcasting program 24.0.3 1.mga8 2019-10-13
source-highlight Produces a document with syntax highlighting 3.1.9 1.mga8 2019-10-13
libpst Utilities to convert Outlook .pst files to other formats 1:0.6.72 4.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-lcid Mapping between standard locale identifiers and Windows locale identifiers (LCID) 2.0.0 1.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-p-try `Promise#try()` ponyfill - Starts a promise chain 2.0.0 1.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-wrap-ansi Wordwrap a string with ANSI escape codes 3.0.1 3.mga8 2019-10-13
python-formencode HTML form validation, generation, and conversion package 1.3.1 4.mga8 2019-10-13
python-pdfrw Pure Python PDF file reader/writer library 0.4 2.mga8 2019-10-13
gcc GNU Compiler Collection 9.2.1 0.20191012.1.mga8 2019-10-13
postgresql12 PostgreSQL client programs and libraries 12.0 1.mga8 2019-10-13
nodejs-kind-of Get the native type of a value 6.0.2 2.mga8 2019-10-13
python-gitpython Python Git library 2.1.11 3.mga8 2019-10-12
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