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ocaml-camlidl Stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml 1.09 1.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-dune A composable build system for OCaml 2.8.2 1.mga9 2021-03-03
nodejs-npm2rpm Convert npm packages to rpm packages 6.0.1 3.mga9 2021-03-03
php The PHP scripting language 3:8.0.3 1.1.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-csexp Parsing and printing of S-expressions in canonical form 1.3.2 1.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-lablgtk2 OCaml interface to the GIMP Tool Kit Version 2 2.18.11 1.mga9 2021-03-03
menhir Menhir is a LR(1) parser generator for OCaml 20181113 6.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-camlbz2 OCaml bindings for the libbz2 (AKA, bzip2) (de)compression library 0.6.0 23.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-expat OCaml wrapper for the Expat XML parsing library 1.1.0 7.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-camlzip Reading and writing ZIP, JAR and GZIP files 1.07 10.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-tophide OCaml top-level value-hiding extension 1.0.4 4.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-lzma OCaml bindings for the LZMA compression library 0.01 22.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-camlp5 Classical version of camlp4 OCaml preprocessor 8.00 2.mga9 2021-03-03
perl-Sys-Virt Interface to libvirt virtual machine management API 7.1.0 1.mga9 2021-03-03
ocaml-sqlite3 OCaml library for accessing SQLite3 databases 4.1.3 6.mga9 2021-03-03
0ad-data Cross-Platform RTS Game of Ancient Warfare 1:0.0.24b 1.mga9 2021-03-02
lxsession The default X11 session manager of LXDE 0.5.5 6.git20210129.2.mga9 2021-03-02
perl-libnet Perl clients for various network protocols 3.13 1.mga9 2021-03-02
perl-Type-Tiny-XS Support functions for Type::Tiny::XS 0.22.0 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-cffi Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code 1.14.5 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-cachetools Extensible memoizing collections and decorators 4.2.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-arrow Better dates and times for Python 1.0.2 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-webob WSGI request and response object for Python 1.8.7 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-wheel A built-package format for Python 0.36.2 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-reportlab ReportLab library to create PDF documents using Python 3.5.59 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-virtualenv Virtual Python Environment builder 20.4.2 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-dulwich Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols 0.20.19 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-markdown Python implementation of the markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool 3.3.4 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-readthedocs-sphinx-ext Sphinx extension for Read the Docs overrides 2.1.3 1.mga9 2021-03-02
gtksourceview Source code viewing library 4.8.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-distlib Low-level components of distutils2/packaging, augmented with higher-level APIs 0.3.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
pulseaudio Sound server for Linux 14.2 3.mga9 2021-03-02
get_iplayer iPlayer TV, Radio, Podcase, Programmes stream tool 3.27 1.mga9 2021-03-02
jgmenu Small X11 menu intended to be used with openbox and tint2 4.3.0 1.mga9 2021-03-02
bpytop Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor 1.0.63 1.mga9 2021-03-02
python-pynvim Python client for Neovim 0.4.3 1.mga9 2021-03-02
minitube A native YouTube client 3.8.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
spectrwm Small Dynamic Tiling Window Manager for X11 3.4.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
weechat Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client 3.0.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
kodi-pvr-iptvsimple Simple IPTV PVR for Kodi 7.4.3 1.mga9 2021-03-02
libuv Platform layer for node.js 1.41.0 1.mga9 2021-03-02
conky A lightweight system monitor 1.12.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
redis A persistent key-value database 6.2.1 1.mga9 2021-03-02
ocaml-ocamlbuild Build tool for OCaml libraries and programs 0.14.0 5.mga9 2021-03-02
ocaml-findlib A module packaging tool for OCaml 1.8.1 5.mga9 2021-03-02
libfprint Library for adding support for consumer fingerprint readers 1.90.7 1.mga9 2021-03-02
libburn Library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs 1.5.4 1.mga9 2021-03-02
less A text file browser similar to more, but better 575 1.mga9 2021-03-02
kdevelop Integrated Development Environment for C++/C 5.6.2 3.mga9 2021-03-02
semantik Mindmapping-like tool 1:1.2.6 1.mga9 2021-03-02
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