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konversation A user friendly IRC Client for Plasma 5 20.12.0 1.1.mga8 2021-06-13
perl-Image-ExifTool Read and write meta information 1:12.0.0 1.1.mga8 2021-06-12
openssh OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation 8.4p1 2.1.mga8 2021-06-12
openssh-askpass-common OpenSSH X11 passphrase common scripts 8.4p1 2.1.mga8 2021-06-12
openssh-askpass-gnome OpenSSH GNOME passphrase dialog 8.4p1 2.1.mga8 2021-06-12
openssh-clients OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol clients 8.4p1 2.1.mga8 2021-06-12
openssh-server OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol server (sshd) 8.4p1 2.1.mga8 2021-06-12
xtables-addons-kernel-5.10.43-desktop-1.mga8 xtables-addons driver for kernel-desktop-5.10.43-1.mga8 3.18 1.6.mga8 2021-06-11
xtables-addons-kernel-5.10.43-desktop586-1.mga8 xtables-addons driver for kernel-desktop586-5.10.43-1.mga8 3.18 1.6.mga8 2021-06-11
xtables-addons-kernel-5.10.43-server-1.mga8 xtables-addons driver for kernel-server-5.10.43-1.mga8 3.18 1.6.mga8 2021-06-11
xtables-addons-kernel-desktop-latest Virtual rpm for latest xtables-addons-kernel-desktop driver 3.18 1.6.mga8 2021-06-11
xtables-addons-kernel-desktop586-latest Virtual rpm for latest xtables-addons-kernel-desktop586 driver 3.18 1.6.mga8 2021-06-11
xtables-addons-kernel-server-latest Virtual rpm for latest xtables-addons-kernel-server driver 3.18 1.6.mga8 2021-06-11
bpftool Inspection and simple manipulation of eBPF programs and maps 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
cpupower the cpupower tools 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
cpupower-devel devel files for cpupower 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop-5.10.43-1.mga8 Linux Kernel for desktop use with i686 and less than 4GB RAM 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop-devel-5.10.43-1.mga8 The kernel-devel files for kernel-desktop-5.10.43-1.mga8 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop-devel-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop-devel 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop586-5.10.43-1.mga8 Linux kernel for desktop use with i586 and less than 4GB RAM 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop586-devel-5.10.43-1.mga8 The kernel-devel files for kernel-desktop586-5.10.43-1.mga8 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop586-devel-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop586-devel 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-desktop586-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop586 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-doc Various documentation bits found in the kernel source 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-server-5.10.43-1.mga8 Linux Kernel for server use with i686 & 64GB RAM 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-server-devel-5.10.43-1.mga8 The kernel-devel files for kernel-server-5.10.43-1.mga8 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-server-devel-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-server-devel 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-server-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-server 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-source-5.10.43-1.mga8 The Linux source code for kernel-5.10.43-1.mga8 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-source-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-source 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-userspace-headers Linux kernel header files for userspace 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
libbpf-devel Developement files for the bpf library from kernel source 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
libbpf0 The bpf library from kernel source 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
perf perf tool and the supporting documentation 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-devel-5.10.43-1.mga8 The kernel-linus devel files for 3rdparty modules build 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-devel-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-linus-devel 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-5.10.43-1.mga8 Linux Kernel for desktop use with i586 & 4GB RAM 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-doc Various documentation bits found in the kernel source 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-linus 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-source-5.10.43-1.mga8 The source code for the Linux kernel 1 1.mga8 2021-06-11
kernel-linus-source-latest Virtual rpm for latest kernel-linus-source 5.10.43 1.mga8 2021-06-11
apache The most widely used Web server on the Internet 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-devel Module development tools for the apache web server 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-doc The apache Manual 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-htcacheclean Clean up the disk cache (for apache-mod_disk_cache) 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-mod_brotli Google Brotli compression for apache 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-mod_cache Content cache keyed to URIs 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-mod_dav Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
apache-mod_dbd Manages SQL database connections 2.4.48 1.mga8 2021-06-10
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