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Summary: XMPP client and server library based on Qt

QXmpp is a cross-platform C++ XMPP client and server library. It is written
in C++ and uses Qt framework.

QXmpp strives to be as easy to use as possible, the underlying TCP socket,
the core XMPP RFCs (RFC3920 and RFC3921) and XMPP extensions have been
nicely encapsulated into classes. QXmpp comes with full API
documentation, automatic tests and many examples.

QXmpp uses Qt extensively, and as such users need to a have working knowledge
of C++ and Qt basics (Signals and Slots and Qt data types).

Qt is the only third party library which is required to build QXmpp, but
libraries such as speex, vpx and theora enable additional features.

License: LGPLv2+

Maintainer: daviddavid

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