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Summary: GNU Plotting Utilities

The GNU plotting utilities, sometimes called 'plotutils', include:
(1) GNU libplot, a shared library for exporting 2-D vector graphics files
and for performing vector graphics animation under the X Window System.
Its output file formats include the new WebCGM format, pseudo-GIF, PNM,
Adobe Illustrator, Postscript (editable with the free 'idraw' drawing
editor), Fig (editable with the free 'xfig' drawing editor), PCL 5, HP-GL
and HP-GL/2, Tektronix, and GNU metafile format. Many Postscript, PCL, and
Hershey fonts are supported. A separate class library, 'libplotter',
provides a C++ binding to libplot's functionality. (2) Sample command-line
applications 'graph', 'plot', 'tek2plot', 'pic2plot', and 'plotfont', which
are built on top of GNU libplot. 'graph' is a powerful utility for XY
plotting, 'plot' translates GNU metafiles to other formats, 'tek2plot'
translates legacy Tektronix data, 'pic2plot' translates box-and-arrow
diagrams in the pic language, and 'plotfont' plots character maps.
(3) Command-line applications 'spline', 'double', and 'ode', which are useful
in scientific plotting. 'spline' does spline interpolation of input data
of arbitrary dimensionality. It uses cubic splines, splines under tension,
or cubic Bessel interpolation. 'ode' is an interactive program that can
integrate a user-specified system of ordinary differential equations.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: nobody

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