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Summary: PEAR_PackageFileManager takes an existing package.xml file and updates it with a new filelist and changelog

This package revolutionizes the maintenance of PEAR packages. With a few
the entire package.xml is automatically updated with a listing of all files
in a package.
Features include
- can detect PHP and extension dependencies using PHP_CompatInfo
- reads in an existing package.xml file, and only changes the
- a plugin system for retrieving files in a directory. Currently four
exist, one for standard recursive directory content listing, one that
reads the CVS/Entries files and generates a file listing based on the
of a checked out CVS repository, one that reads Subversion entries
files, and
one that queries a Perforce repository.
- incredibly flexible options for assigning install roles to
- ability to ignore any file based on a * ? wildcard-enabled string(s)
- ability to include only files that match a * ? wildcard-enabled
- ability to manage dependencies
- can output the package.xml in any directory, and read in the package.xml
file from any directory.
- can specify a different name for the package.xml file

PEAR_PackageFileManager is fully unit tested.

License: New BSD License

Maintainer: mokraemer

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