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Summary: Local and web-based gradebook

OpenGrade is software for teachers to keep track of grades.
* A variety of reports can be created.
* Grades can be uploaded to a web server, where students can have
password-protected access to them. (see /usr/share/doc/opengrade*)
* If you use a set grading scale, you can have the software use it to compute
letter grades automatically.
* Grades can be based on total points, or on a weighted average of scores in
various categories such as exams and quizzes.
* You can drop the lowest grade (or the N lowest grades) from a given category.
* Students can be dropped and later reinstated without losing all their grades.
* Gradebook files can be automatically backed up on a web server.
* There is support for extra-credit categories, and for categories that don't
count towards the student's grade.
* Gradebook files are password-protected with a digital watermark, so you can
detect tampering.
* Gradebook files are in a plain-text format, which makes it easy to work with
them using Unix utilities.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: nobody

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