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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
flightgear The FlightGear Flight Simulator 2020.3.8 1.mga8 2021-05-11 28894 (QA)
xscreensaver A set of X Window System screen savers 5.45 1.3.mga8.tainted 2021-05-07 28421 (QA)
xscreensaver A set of X Window System screen savers 5.45 1.3.mga8 2021-05-07 28421 (QA)
liferea A News Aggregator For RSS/RDF Feeds For GTK/GNOME 1:1.12.9 1.1.mga8 2021-05-06 28887 (QA)
exaile A powerful GTK music player 1:4.1.0 1.mga8 2021-05-06 28886 (QA)
firefox Mozilla Firefox Web browser 0:78.10.0 1.2.mga8 2021-05-06
kicad An open source program for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams 1:5.1.9 2.1.mga8 2021-04-29
godot Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor 3.3 1.mga8 2021-04-25
lightspark An alternative Flash Player implementation 2.git20210418.1.mga8 2021-04-22
playonlinux Play your Windows games on Linux 4.4 1.mga8 2021-04-16 28717 (no QA)
pinta An easy to use drawing and image editing program 1.7 3.1.mga8 2021-03-21
fritzing Electronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product 0.9.6 1.mga8 2021-03-14 18689 (QA in CC)
phppgadmin PostgreSQL database administration over the web interface 7.13.0 1.1.mga8 2021-03-11
filezilla Fast and reliable FTP client 3.52.2 1.mga8 2021-03-10
pavucontrol Volume control for Pulseaudio sound server for Linux 4.0 3.mga8 2021-02-28 28486 (no QA)