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Summary: Small X11 menu intended to be used with openbox and tint2

- jgmenu is a stand-alone, simple and contemporary-looking menu application
for Linux and BSD.
- Although it was originally written to be used with openbox and tint2,
it is not in any way dependent on these and runs well with other panels
and window managers.
- It is hackable with a clean, small code base.
- It can display the following types of menu (or any combination of):
o bespoke menu using a jgmenu flavoured CSV format
o application menu (XDG compatible) with localisation support
o openbox XML menu including pipe-menus
- It can display SVG, PNG and XPM icons.
- It has UTF-8 search support.
- It is highly customizable (e.g. colours, alignment, margins, padding,
- It can synchronise with xsettings, GTK and tint2 settings.
- It does not depend on any toolkits such as GTK and Qt, but uses cairo and
pango to render the menu directly onto an X11 window.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: kekepower

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