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Summary: A free OllyDbg like debugger

One of the main goals of this debugger is modularity.
The interface is written in Qt5 and is therefore source portable
to many platforms. The debugger core is a plugin and the platform
specific code is isolated to just a few files, porting to a new OS
would require porting these few files and implementing a plugin
which implements the DebuggerCoreInterface interface. Also,
because the plugins are based on the QPlugin API, and do their work
through the DebuggerCoreInterface object, they are almost always
portable with just a simple recompile.
The disassembly engine is my edisassm project. I feel that this
disassembler is mature and works well. It is worth noting that the
current version of edb has temporarily dropped AT&T syntax support.
Once this is implemented in edisassm, it will return.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: anaselli

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