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  • akarixb : A Jabber/XMPP bot based on Qt and QXMPP
  • empathy : A IM client based on Telepathy framework
  • gajim : Jabber Client written in PyGTK
  • get-telegram : Download and Install Telegram Desktop
  • jitsi : Open Source Video Calls And Chat
  • kopete : KDE Internet Messenger
  • pidgin : A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
  • psi : Jabber client using Qt5
  • qtox : A powerful Tox client that follows the Tox design guidelines
  • qutim : qutIM - multiplatform multiprotocol (ICQ, Jabber etc) instant messenger
  • scudcloud : Non official desktop client for Slack
  • telepathy-kde-contact-list : Telepathy contact list application
  • telepathy-kde-desktop-applets : Telepathy KDE Desktop Plasmoid
  • telepathy-kde-send-file : File Manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact
  • telepathy-kde-text-ui : Telepathy handler for Text Chats
  • wmcoincoin : Yet another funny dockapp for reading news feed

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