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  • auralquiz : A simple music quiz game for GNU/Linux
  • bear-factory : Level, animation and model editors for the Bear engine
  • evol-client : Evol Online branding and theme in manaplus
  • ggz-gtk-client : GGZ Client with GTK+ user interface
  • gnome-games : GNOME games
  • ktuberling : KTuberling: "potato editor" game
  • manaplus : A client for Evol Online and The Mana World: 2D MMORPG
  • netrek-client-cow : Netrek client
  • openmw : Unofficial open source engine re-implementation of the game Morrowind
  • performous : Open-source karaoke game that allows user supplied songs
  • playonlinux : Play your Windows games on Linux
  • rolisteam : A program to manage a tabletop role-playing game with remote players
  • typespeed : Type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can

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