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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
openrazer-meta Driver and user-space daemon for managing Razer devices 3.8.0 1.1.mga9 2024-05-17
razergenie Configure and control your Razer devices 1.1.0 1.mga9 2024-05-16
libopenrazer Qt wrapper around the D-Bus API from OpenRazer 0.2.0 1.mga9 2024-05-16
php The PHP scripting language 3:8.3.6 1.mga9 2024-04-11
php The PHP scripting language 3:8.3.4 4.mga9 2024-03-13
php-memcached A libmemcached library interface for PHP 3.2.0 6.mga9 2024-02-15
php-ast PHP extension exports the AST internally used by PHP 1.1.1 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-msgpack PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack 2.2.0 4.mga9 2024-02-15
php-amqp Communicate with any AMQP compliant server 2.1.1 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-apcu The apcu (APC User Cache) module for PHP 5.1.23 5.mga9 2024-02-15
php-bitset BITSET library 3.0.1 18.mga9 2024-02-15
php-dbase dBase database file access functions 2:7.0.1 13.mga9 2024-02-15
php-dio Direct I/O extension module for PHP 2:0.2.1 8.mga9 2024-02-15
php-ds Data Structures 1.5.0 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-event Event Scheduling Engine for PHP 1:3.1.0 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-expect PHP extension for expect library 0.4.0 10.mga9 2024-02-15
php-gender Gender Extension 1.1.0 21.mga9 2024-02-15
php-gmagick Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library 2.0.6 0.RC1.9.mga9 2024-02-15
php-gnupg A wrapper around the gpgme library for PHP 1.5.1 8.mga9 2024-02-15
php-igbinary PHP igbinary extension 3.2.15 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-imagick Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library for PHP 3:3.7.0 10.mga9 2024-02-15
php-inotify Provides inotify functions for PHP 3.0.0 9.mga9 2024-02-15
php-jsmin PHP extension for minifying JavaScript 3.0.0 19.mga9 2024-02-15
php-mailparse Email message manipulation for PHP 1:3.1.6 3.mga9 2024-02-15
php-mcrypt Bindings for the libmcrypt library 4:1.0.7 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-mongodb MongoDB driver for PHP 1.17.2 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-pspell This extension allows you to check the spelling of a word and offer suggestions 1.0.1 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-raphf Resource and persistent handles factory 2.0.1 9.mga9 2024-02-15
php-redis The phpredis extension provides an API for communicating with the Redis key-value store 6.0.2 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-rrd The RRD module for PHP 2.0.3 9.mga9 2024-02-15
php-ssh2 PHP bindings for the libssh2 library 1:1.4 3.mga9 2024-02-15
php-translit Transliterates non-latin character sets to latin 1:0.7.1 10.mga9 2024-02-15
php-uuid UUID support functions for php 1.2.0 10.mga9 2024-02-15
php-pear PHP Extension and Application Repository 1:1.10.14 3.mga9 2024-02-15
php-xattr Provides a interface to Extended attributes for PHP 1:1.4.0 11.mga9 2024-02-15
php-xdebug Provides functions for function traces and profiling for PHP5 3:3.3.1 2.mga9 2024-02-15
php-yaml YAML-1.1 parser and emitter 2.2.3 3.mga9 2024-02-15
php-zstd PHP zstd extension 0.13.1 2.mga9 2024-02-15
tellico A collection manager 3:3.5.3 2.mga9 2024-01-04