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wordpress Personal publishing platform 3.9.9 1.mga4 2015-09-15
ganglia-web Ganglia Web Frontend 3.5.10 3.1.mga4 2015-09-11
openldap LDAP servers and sample clients 2.4.38 1.5.mga4 2015-09-11
freetype2 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine 3.4.mga4.tainted 2015-09-11
freetype2 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine 3.4.mga4 2015-09-11
qemu QEMU CPU Emulator 1.6.2 1.16.mga4 2015-09-10
tor Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) 1.1.mga4 2015-09-09
phpmyadmin Handles the administration of MySQL over the web 1.1.mga4 2015-09-09
avr-libc C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers 1.7.1 6.1.mga4 2015-09-07
iceape IceApe, the all-in-one internet application suite 0:2.35 1.mga4 2015-09-06
pcre Perl-compatible regular expression library 8.37 1.mga4 2015-09-05
chromium-browser-stable A fast webkit-based web browser 45.0.2454.85 1.mga4 2015-09-04
freeimage Image library 3.154 1.1.mga4 2015-09-04
mariadb A very fast and reliable SQL database engine 5.5.45 1.mga4 2015-09-04
php-apc The apc (Alternative PHP Cache) module for PHP 1:3.1.15 4.19.mga4 2015-09-04
php The PHP5 scripting language 3:5.5.29 1.mga4 2015-09-04
spice Implements the SPICE protocol 0.12.4 4.1.mga4 2015-09-04
screen A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal 4.0.3 13.1.mga4 2015-09-04
hplip HP printer/all-in-one driver infrastructure 3.13.9 4.1.mga4 2015-09-04
bind A DNS (Domain Name System) server 9.9.7.P3 1.mga4 2015-09-03
ruby-RubyGems Ruby package manager 2.1.11 3.1.mga4 2015-09-03
ruby-rack A modular Ruby webserver interface 1.5.2 5.1.mga4 2015-09-03
struts Web application framework 1.3.10 4.2.mga4 2015-09-03
ipython An interactive computing environment for Python 2.3.0 1.2.mga4 2015-09-02
conntrack-tools Userspace tools for interacting with the Connection Tracking System 1.4.2 2.1.mga4 2015-09-02
pure-ftpd Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server 1.0.36 3.1.mga4 2015-09-02
opensaml OpenSAML SAML library 2.5.2 4.1.mga4 2015-09-02
xmltooling OpenSAML XMLTooling library 1.5.3 3.1.mga4 2015-09-02
ntp Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) 4.2.6p5 15.6.mga4 2015-09-02
libxml2 Library providing XML and HTML support 2.9.1 2.3.mga4 2015-09-02
webmin An SSL web-based administration interface for Unix systems 1.760 1.mga4 2015-09-02
gnupg2 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement 2.0.22 3.2.mga4 2015-09-02
libgcrypt GNU Cryptographic library 1.5.4 1.2.mga4 2015-09-02
gnupg GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement 1.4.16 1.3.mga4 2015-09-02
lighttpd A fast webserver with minimal memory-footprint 1.4.37 1.mga4 2015-09-02
libvdpau Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix 1.1.1 1.mga4 2015-09-02
vorbis-tools Several Ogg Vorbis Tools 1.4.0 6.3.mga4 2015-08-31
firefox-l10n Localizations for Firefox (virtual package) 38.2.1 1.mga4 2015-08-28
firefox Next generation web browser 0:38.2.1 1.mga4 2015-08-28
nss Netscape Security Services 2:3.20.0 1.mga4 2015-08-28
nspr Netscape Portable Runtime 2:4.10.9 1.mga4 2015-08-28
thunderbird-l10n Localizations for Thunderbird (virtual package) 38.2.0 1.mga4 2015-08-25
thunderbird Full-featured email, RSS, and newsgroup client 0:38.2.0 1.mga4 2015-08-25
python-django14 A high-level Python Web framework 1.4.22 1.mga4 2015-08-23
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 2.1.6 1.1.mga4.tainted 2015-08-22
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 2.1.6 1.1.mga4 2015-08-22
drupal Open source content management platform 0:7.39 1.mga4 2015-08-21
kmod-vboxadditions Prebuilt vboxadditions modules for kernel-3.14.43-1.mga4 5.0.2 2.mga4 2015-08-21
kmod-virtualbox Prebuilt virtualbox modules for kernel-3.14.43-1.mga4 5.0.2 2.mga4 2015-08-21
virtualbox A general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware 5.0.2 2.mga4 2015-08-21
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