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Basic items

Name ctpl
Version 0.3.4
Release 5.mga9
Group System/Libraries
Summary Template library and engine written in C
Size 673KB
Arch armv7hl
License GPLv3+


CTPL is a template library written in C. It allows fast and easy parsing of
templates from many sources (including in-memory data and local and remote
streaming, thanks to GIO) and fine control over template parsing environment.

CTPL has following features:
* It is a library, then it can be easily used from programs
* Separated lexer and parser
* It is written in portable C
* Simple syntax
* Fast and strict parsing
* Possible in-memory parsing, allowing non-file data parsing and avoiding
I/O-latency, through GIO's GMemoryInputStream and GMemoryOutputStream

Media information

Distribution release Mageia cauldron
Media name core-release
Media arch i586

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Build time 2022-03-14 22:21:36
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