Package : nvidia470-cuda-opencl > RPM : nvidia470-cuda-opencl-470.239.06-1.mga10.nonfree.x86_64.rpm

Basic items

Name nvidia470-cuda-opencl
Version 470.239.06
Release 1.mga10.nonfree
Group System/Kernel and hardware
Summary CUDA and OpenCL libraries for NVIDIA proprietary driver
Size 258MB
Arch x86_64
License Freeware


Cuda and OpenCL libraries for NVIDIA proprietary driver. This package is not
required for normal use, it provides libraries to use NVIDIA cards for High
Performance Computing (HPC).

Media information

Distribution release Mageia cauldron
Media name nonfree-release
Media arch x86_64

Advanced items

Source RPM nvidia470-470.239.06-1.mga10.nonfree.src.rpm
Build time 2024-02-24 22:28:09
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