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Basic items

Name perl-File-Binary
Version 1.700.0
Release 9.mga8
Group Development/Perl
Summary Binary file reading module
Size 15KB
Arch noarch
License GPL+ or Artistic


*File::Binary* is a Binary file reading module, hence the name, and was
originally used to write a suite of modules for manipulating Macromedia SWF

However it's grown beyond that and now actually, err, works. And is
generalised. And EVERYTHING! Yay!

It has methods for reading and writing signed and unsigned 8, 16 and 32 bit
integers, at some point in the future I'll figure out a way of putting in
methods for >32bit integers nicely but until then, patches welcome.

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 8
Media name core-release
Media arch i586

Advanced items

Source RPM perl-File-Binary-1.700.0-9.mga8.src.rpm
Build time 2020-02-12 05:57:43
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