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Basic items

Name bsdiff
Version 4.3
Release 14.mga9
Group File tools
Summary Binary diff/patch utility
Size 36KB
Arch i586
License BSD


bsdiff and bspatch are tools for building and applying patches to
binary files. By using suffix sorting (specifically, Larsson and
Sadakane's qsufsort) and taking advantage of how executable files
change, bsdiff routinely produces binary patches 50-80% smaller
than those produced by Xdelta, and 15% smaller than those produced
by .RTPatch.

These programs were originally named bdiff and bpatch, but the large
number of other programs using those names lead to confusion; I'm
not sure if the "bs" in refers to "binary software" (because bsdiff
produces exceptionally small patches for executable files) or
"bytewise subtraction" (which is the key to how well it performs).
Feel free to offer other suggestions.

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 9
Media name core-release
Media arch i586

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Source RPM bsdiff-4.3-14.mga9.src.rpm
Build time 2022-03-14 20:06:18
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