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falkon Cross-platform Qt Web Browser based on QtWebEngine 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kmail Email client, supporting POP3 and IMAP mailboxes 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
pim-sieve-editor Application to assist with editing IMAP Sieve filters 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
pim-data-exporter Application to assist you with backing up and archiving PIM data 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
mbox-importer Wizard to assist with importing MBox email archives into Akonadi 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
korganizer Calendar and scheduling component 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kontact Container application to unify several major PIM applications 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kmail-account-wizard An application which assists you with the configuration of accounts in KMail 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
akregator A Feed Reader for KDE 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
konqueror KDE file and web browser 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
knotes Note taking 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kalarm Application to manage alarms and other timer based alerts for the desktop 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
grantlee-editor Utilities and tools to manage themes in KDE PIM applications 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
akonadiconsole Console that help debugging Akonadi 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
akonadi-calendar-tools Akonadi Calendar Tools 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kdepim-runtime K Desktop Environment 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
zanshin Getting Things Done application 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kaddressbook Address Book application to manage your contacts 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
akonadi-import-wizard Assistant to import PIM data from other applications into Akonadi for use in KDE PIM applications 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kleopatra Certificate manager and GUI for OpenPGP and CMS cryptography for KDE 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
kgpg Control your GPG keys 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
itinerary Itinerary display application 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-20
katomic Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
cantor KDE Interface for doing Mathematics and Scientific Computing 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
konversation A user friendly IRC Client for Plasma 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
okular A universal document viewer 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
skanlite An image scanning application 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kontrast Color contrast checker 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
partitionmanager KDE Partition Manager 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
minuet A KDE Software for Music Education 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kigo Go board game for KDE 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kreversi Old reversi board game, also known as othello 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
konquest Conquer the planets of your enemy 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kcharselect Select special characters from any font 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kalzium Shows the periodic system of the elements 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kwalletmanager KDE Wallet Management Tool 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
filelight Graphical disk usage statistics 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kate Advanced text editor 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kompare A diff graphic tool 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
ktimer KDE countdown launcher 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kwordquiz A general purpose flash card program 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
klines Place 5 equal pieces together, but wait, there are 3 new ones 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
ark Program for managing various archive formats within the KDE environment 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
blinken Simon Says Game 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
lokalize Computer-Aided Translation Tool 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kig KDE Interactive Geometry 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
krfb Remote Desktop Server 3:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
parley KDE Vocabulary training application 24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
kfourinline Place 4 pieces in a row 1:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
ksystemlog System log viewer tool for Plasma 2:24.02.2 1.mga10 2024-04-19
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