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Summary: GNOME games

GNOME Games is a collection of 17 games for the GNOME Desktop Environment.
It currently includes the following games:

- AisleRiot A suite of Solitaire card games.
- Chess A chess game.
- Five or more A Color Lines clone.
- Four-in-a-row A Connect Four clone.
- Iagno A clone of Reversi.
- Klotski A sliding block puzzle game.
- Lightsoff A puzzle game.
- Quadrapassel A Tetris clone.
- Mahjongg A traditional Chinese game for a single player.
- Mines An implementation of the Minesweeper computer game.
- Nibbles A remake of Nibbles.
- Robots A clone of an old BSD turn-based game.
- Sudoku A Sudoku generator and game.
- Tetravex An edge-matching puzzle game.
- Swell Foop A SameGame clone.
- Tali A dice-style poker game, similar to Yahtzee.
- 2048 A clone of the popular 2048 game.

License: GPLv2+

Maintainer: nobody

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