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Summary: Pack of multi-standard audio plugins for LV2 and host for JACK

Calf is a pack of audio plugins for the LV2 interface.
- Instruments and tone generators (Organ, Monosynth, Wavetable,
- Modulation effects (Multi Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Rotary, Pulsator,
Ring Modulator)
- Delay effects (Reverb, Vintage Delay,Compensation Delay Line,
Reverse Delay)
- Dynamic processors (Compressor, Sidechain Compressor, Multiband
Compressor, Mono Compressor, Deesser, Gate, Sidechain Gate,
Multiband Gate, Limiter, Multiband Limiter, Sidechain Limiter,
Transient Designer)
- Filters and equalizers (Filter, Filterclavier, Envelope Filter,
Equalizer 5 Band, Equalizer 8 Band, Equalizer 12 Band,
Equalizer 30 Band, Vocoder, Emphasis)
- Distortion and enhancement (Saturator, Exciter, Bass Enhancer,
Tape Simulator, Vinyl, Crusher)
- Tools (Mono Input, Stereo Tools, Haas Stereo Enhancer, Multi Spread,
Analyzer, X-Over 2 Band, X-Over 3 Band, X-Over 4 Band)

The plugins are available in LV2 and Standalone JACK formats.

This package contains common files and JACK standalone program.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: semiletov

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