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Summary: An amateur radio logging program

KLog is an amateur radio logging program

Some features include:

* DXCC award support.
* Basic IOTA support.
* Importing from Cabrillo files.
* Importing from TLF.
* Adding/Editing QSOs.
* Save/read to/from disk file the log - ADIF format by default.
* English/Spanish/Portuguese/Galician/Serbian/Swedish support.
* QSL sent/received support.
* Read/Write ADIF.
* Delete QSOs.
* DX-Cluster support.
* WSJT-X integration.
* Hamlib integration.
* Export to, LOTW and Clublog.
* New dark GUI mode since v1.7.
* New maps feature.

Some features of this application are still under development.

License: GPLv3+

Maintainer: daviddavid

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