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Summary: A BBD test tool inspired by Cucumber

Test::Cukes is a testing tool inspired by Cucumber (the
manpage). It lets your write your module test with scenarios. It may be
used with the Test::More manpage or other family of TAP 'Test::*' modules.
It uses the Test::Builder::note manpage function internally to print

This module implements the Given-When-Then clause only in English. To uses
it in the test programs, feed the feature text into 'feature' function,
defines your step handlers, and then run all the tests by calling
'runtests'. Step handlers may be defined in separate modules, as long as
those modules are included before 'runtests' is called. Each step may use
either 'assert' or standard TAP functions such as 'Test::Simple''s 'ok' or
'Test::More''s 'is' to verify desired result. If you specify a plan
explicitly, you should be aware that each step line in your scenario runs
an additional test, and will therefore add to the number of tests you must

If any assertion in the Given block failed, the following 'When' and 'Then'
blocks are all skipped.

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: shlomif

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