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Summary: Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings

This module is an attempt to solve most common problems occurred in
Traditional vs. Simplified Chinese conversion, in an efficient, flexible
way, without resorting to external tools or modules.

If you are using perl 5.7.2 or earlier, all Unicode-related functions are
disabled, and *Encode::HanConvert::Perl* is automagically loaded and used
instead. In that case, please consult Encode::HanConvert::Perl

After installing this module, you'll have two additional encoding formats:
'big5-simp' maps _Big5_ into Unicode's Simplified Chinese (and vice versa),
and 'gbk-trad' maps _GBK_ (also known as _CP936_) into Unicode's
Traditional Chinese and back.

License: GPLv1+ or Artistic

Maintainer: kekepower

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