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Summary: Subclassed DBI connection handle

Provides an easy way to obtain a connected DBI database handle by simply
calling the database keyword within your the Dancer manpage application

Returns a the Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle manpage object, which is a
subclass of the DBI manpage's 'DBI::db' connection handle object, so it
does everything you'd expect to do with DBI, but also adds a few
convenience methods. See the documentation for the
Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle manpage for full details of those.

Takes care of ensuring that the database handle is still connected and
valid. If the handle was last asked for more than
'connection_check_threshold' seconds ago, it will check that the connection
is still alive, using either the '$dbh->ping' method if the DBD driver
supports it, or performing a simple no-op query against the database if
not. If the connection has gone away, a new connection will be obtained and
returned. This avoids any problems for a long-running script where the
connection to the database might go away.

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: shlomif

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