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Summary: Advanced text editor for programmers

Enki is an advanced text editor for programmers. It is:
- User friendly. Intuitive interface. Works out of the box.
You don't have to read a lot of docs
- Hacker friendly. Work as quickly as possible.
You don't need your mouse for coding.
- Lightweight. Some IDEs show splashscreen.
Enki will never do it. It just starts quickly.
- Advanced. You invent software. An editor helps you to do a routine job.
- Extensible. Operating systems are designed for running applications.
Enki is designed for running plugins.
- Cross platform. Use your habitual editor on any OS.
Currently has been tested on Linux, MacOS X, Windows.
- High quality. No long list of fancy features.
But, what is done, is done well.
- Open source. In GitHub we trust.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: dglent

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