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Summary: File path utility

This module attempts to provide a small, fast utility for working with file
paths. It is friendlier to use than the File::Spec manpage and provides
easy access to functions from several other core file handling modules.

It doesn't attempt to be as full-featured as the IO::All manpage or the
Path::Class manpage, nor does it try to work for anything except Unix-like
and Win32 platforms. Even then, it might break if you try something
particularly obscure or tortuous. (Quick! What does this mean:
'///../../..//./././a//b/.././c/././'? And how does it differ on Win32?)

All paths are forced to have Unix-style forward slashes. Stringifying the
object gives you back the path (after some clean up).

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: nobody

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