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Summary: A collection of handy debugging routines for displaying

'Debug::ShowStuff' grew dynamically from my needs in debugging code. I
found myself doing the same tasks over and over... displaying the keys and
values in a hash, displaying the elements in an array, displaying the
output of STDERR in a web page, etc. 'Debug::ShowStuff' began as two or
three of my favorite routines and grew as I added to that collection.
Finally I decided to publish these tools in the hope that other Perl
hackers will find them useful.

'Debug::ShowStuff' is intended for debugging, not for production work. I
would discourage anyone from using 'Debug::ShowStuff' in
ready-for-primetime code. 'Debug::ShowStuff' is only for quick-n-dirty
displays of variable values in order to debug your code.

These functions display values the way I personally like them displayed.
Your preferences may be different. I encourage you to modify
'Debug::ShowStuff' to suit your own needs.

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: nobody

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