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Summary: Make NEXT suck less

the NEXT manpage was a good solution a few years ago, but isn't any more.
It's slow, and the order in which it re-dispatches methods appears random
at times. It also encourages bad programming practices, as you end up with
code to re-dispatch methods when all you really wanted to do was run some
code before or after a method fired.

However, if you have a large application, then weaning yourself off 'NEXT'
isn't easy.

This module is intended as a drop-in replacement for NEXT, supporting the
same interface, but using the Class::C3 manpage to do the hard work. You
can then write new code without 'NEXT', and migrate individual source files
to use 'Class::C3' or method modifiers as appropriate, at whatever pace
you're comfortable with.

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: nobody

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