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Summary: Postfix Mail Transport Agent

Postfix is a Mail Transport Agent (MTA), supporting LDAP, SMTP AUTH (SASL),
TLS and running in a chroot environment.

Postfix is Wietse Venema's mailer that started life as an alternative
to the widely-used Sendmail program.
Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure, while at
the same time being sendmail compatible enough to not upset existing
users. Thus, the outside has a sendmail-ish flavor, but the inside is
completely different.
This software was formerly known as VMailer. It was released by the end
of 1998 as the IBM Secure Mailer. From then on it has lived on as Postfix.

This rpm supports different build time options, to enable or disable these
features you must rebuild the source rpm using the --with ... or --without ...
rpm option.
Currently postfix has been built with:

Smtpd multiline greeting: --%{with_TXT multiline}
Virtual Delivery Agent: --%{with_TXT VDA}
Munge bare CR: --%{with_TXT barecr}
TLS support: --%{with_TXT tls}
IPV6 support: --%{with_TXT ipv6}
CDB support: --%{with_TXT cdb}
Chroot by default: --%{with_TXT chroot}

License: IBM Public License

Maintainer: dlucio

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