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Summary: A Loop using an C<IO::Poll> object

This collection of modules allows programs to be written that perform
asynchronous filehandle IO operations. A typical program using them would
consist of a single subclass of 'IO::Async::Loop' to act as a container o
other objects, which perform the actual IO work required by the program. As
as IO handles, the loop also supports timers and signal handlers, and
includes more higher-level functionallity built on top of these basic

Because there are a lot of classes in this collection, the following
overview gives a brief description of each.

File Handle IO
A the IO::Async::Handle manpage object represents a single IO handle
that is being managed. While in most cases it will represent a single
filehandle, such as a socket (for example, an 'IO::Socket::INET'
connection), it is possible to have separate reading and writing
handles (most likely for a program's 'STDIN' and 'STDOUT' streams, or a
pair of pipes connected to a child process).

License: GPL+ or Artistic

Maintainer: shlomif

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