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Summary: Library enabling the safe storage of user passwords

OCaml-safepass is a library enabling the safe storage of user passwords,
for use in web applications. Passwords are salted and hashed using the
bcrypt algorithm.

OCaml-safepass is a library offering facilities for the safe storage of
user passwords. By "safe" we mean that passwords are salted and hashed using
the Bcrypt algorithm (
Salting prevents rainbow-table (
based attacks, whereas hashing by a very time-consuming algorithm such as
Bcrypt renders brute-force password cracking impractical.

OCaml-safepass's obvious usage domain are web applications, though it does
not depend on any particular framework.
Internally, OCaml-safepass binds to the C routines from Openwall's
Crypt_blowfish ( However, it would be
incorrect to describe OCaml-safepass as an OCaml binding to Crypt_blowfish,
because the API it exposes is higher-level and more compact than that
offered by Crypt_blowfish. Moreover, OCaml-safepass's API takes advantage of
OCaml's type-system to make usage mistakes nearly impossible.

OCaml-safepass is developed by Dario Teixeira and is licensed under the
terms of the GNU LGPL 2.1 with the usual OCaml linking exception.

License: LGPL 2.1 with linking exception

Maintainer: nobody

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