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Summary: Contributed extensions for the Banshee media player

The following extensions are developed mostly by third-parties, and
are not vetted by the core Banshee developers (though that will
probably change over time).

* Alarm Clock – You can use Banshee to wake up or go to sleep to a
selection of your own music.
* Awn – Sets the current album cover as banshee icon in awn.
* ClutterFlow ? Browse your albums in a cover art flip-book-like view.
* Cover Wallpaper – Sets the current playing album cover as the GNOME
desktop wallpaper.
* LCD – Display track info on a LCD using LCDproc.
* Lirc – Control Banshee via a normal (infrared) remote
control. Requires LIRC.
* Live Radio – Another way to discover internet radio stations.
* Magnatune – Listen to streamed music from
* Mirage – Adds playback shuffle-by-similar and Auto DJ fill-by-similar
modes, based on songs' acoustic similarity.
* Radio Station Fetcher – Fetch radio stations from and Stream Recorder – Record internet-radio streams.
* Telepathy – Browse your IM friends' music library, download or
stream their tracks and share what you're listening to.

License: MIT and GPLv2+

Maintainer: nobody

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