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Summary: Holy Quran Study Software

Al-Anvar is a cross-platform Quran Study Software. It uses "" and
"" database as its database,
It has lots of features:
- Text of the Quran
- Adding different translations of the Quran
- Adding interpretation of the Quran
- Direct download and install for translations and
interpretations and so on through program
- Comparison between translations
- Comparison between interpretations
- Putting note in the following of each verse
- Classifying the subject for verses of the Quran (with classifying the
subject possibility by user)
- Repeated verses
- Related verses in terms of subject
- Reading online Quran (with storing downloaded files) and offline by
different readers of the Quran from website
- Repeat adjustment of reading of verses
- reading verses in the range a chapter (sura) or a division or
a component.
- Advanced search
- Presenting chapters or chapters on different tabs
- Saving with Html, PDF and ODF formats
- Changing the font and color and size of the text and translations of the
Quran and also font, style and themes of software separately

License: GPLv3

Maintainer: nobody

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