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Summary: MSEide+MSEgui Free Pascal Cross Platform GUI Development System

Free Pascal-based GUI development library and IDE.
The MSEide is a Cross Platform GUI Development System for Pascal programmers,
completely written in Pascal. The MSEgui does not feature VCL compatibility.
The graphics library provides an interface to win32 and X11. Despite being a
single person (Martin Schreiber) effort for the moment, the IDE and GUI has
already an amazing feature list:
- Internal character encoding is UCS2.
- Internationalization tool included.
- Docking forms.
- Embedded forms (similar to TFrame).
- Visual form inheritance.
- Links to xlib and gdi32, no external widget library needed.
- Database access components and data edit widgets.
- Integrated debugging.
- Integrated report designer.
- Flexible and handy build system with switchable macros.
- and more...

Maintainer: nobody

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