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Summary: Standard installation

pcb-rnd is a highly modular PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout tool
with a rich set of plugins for communicating with various external
design tools and other EDA/CAD packages.

Feature highlights:
- subcircuits, pad stacks
- flexible footprint model; unrestricted pad shapes
- arbitrary copper, silk, paste and soldermask objects
- sophisticated, flexible layer model
- flexible/universal polygon model
- any object, even polygons, can have a clearance within a polygon
- advanced mil and mm grid, with support for mixed unit design
- strong CLI support
- static footprints and parametric (generated) footprints
- query language for advanced search & select
- powerful, user scriptable, modular Design Rule Checker (DRC)
- layout optimizers such as teardrops and a trace puller
- footprint library from local file systems, HTTP and board files
- netlist management: imported and as-built; back annotation

For full details of supported formats etc. please visit:

License: GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ and BSD and MIT

Maintainer: barjac

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