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Summary: A Japanese reference/learning tool

Kiten is a Japanese reference/learning tool.

Kiten features:
* Searching with English keywords, Japanese reading, or a Kanji string on a
list of EDICT files.
* Searching with English keywords, Japanese reading, number of strokes, grade
number, or a Kanji on a list of KANJIDIC files.
* Comes with all necessary files.
* Very fast.
* Limit searches to only common entries.
* Nested searches of results possible.
* Compact, small, fast interface.
* Global KDE keybindings for searching highlighted strings.
* Learning dialog. (One can even open up multiple ones and have them sync
between each other.)
* Browse Kanji by grade.
* Add Kanji to a list for later learning.
* Browse list, and get quizzed on them.

License: GPLv2 and LGPLv2 and GFDL

Maintainer: neoclust

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