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Summary: Integrated Development Environment for C++/C

The KDevelop Integrated Development Environment provides many features that
developers need as well as providing a unified interface to programs like gdb,
the C/C++ compiler, and make.

KDevelop manages or provides:
* All development tools needed for C++ programming like Compiler, Linker,
automake and autoconf
* KAppWizard, which generates complete, ready-to-go sample applications
* Classgenerator, for creating new classes and integrating them into the
current project
* File management for sources, headers, documentation etc. to be included in
the project
* The creation of User-Handbooks written with SGML and the automatic
generation of HTML-output with the KDE look and feel
* Automatic HTML-based API-documentation for your project's classes with
cross-references to the used libraries; Internationalization support for
your application, allowing translators to easily add their target language
to a project
* WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) creation of user interfaces with a
built-in dialog editor
* Debugging your application by integrating KDbg
* Editing of project-specific pixmaps with KIconEdit
* The inclusion of any other program you need for development by adding it
to the "Tools" menu according to your individual needs.

Maintainer: akien

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