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Summary: An eye-candy and powerful desktop environment based on FVWM2

FVWM-Crystal aims at be an easy to use, eye-candy but also powerful
desktop environment based on the F Virtual Window Manager (FVWM2). It
uses the following programs: FVWM2 as a window manager and "main
core", icons on the desktop with support for more than ten different
file managers and custom commands, various terminal emulators, as well
as music and medias players... There is built-in support for
controlling these programs, plus several other tools dedicated to
setup a wallpaper or making screen shots. Fvwm-Crystal provide some
unique features like the ability to bring in full screen virtually any
application, and to flow through the full-screened applications and
the desktop.

License: GPLv2+

Maintainer: eatdirt

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