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Summary: Colourful puzzle game with three game modes

FreeTumble is a free colourful puzzle game for Windows and Linux.
It features three game modes, with simple rules but different gameplay.

NORMAL: Click groups of 3 or more stones to make them disappear.
Each time you click a group, a new row will be added. Don't let the
stones reach the top of the grid or you're done, and make a good use
of the various bonus stones available!

MOTION: Pretty much the same as the 'Normal' game, but real time:
the new row will be added after an amount of time (decreasing as the
player level increases).

CLASSIC: Click groups of two or more stones to make them disappear.
Try to clear the entire grid to get the best score.

License: GPLv3+ and CC-BY-SA and CC-BY

Maintainer: nobody

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