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Summary: Tag editor for MP3, OGG files

EasyTAG is an utility for viewing and editing tags of MP3, MP2, FLAC,
Ogg Vorbis, MP4/AAC, MusePack, Wavpack, Speex and Monkey's Audio
files. Its simple and nice GTK+ interface makes tagging easier under
- View, edit, write tags of MP3, MP2 files (ID3 tag with pictures),
FLAC files (FLAC Vorbis tag), Ogg Vorbis files (Ogg Vorbis tag),
MP4/AAC (MP4/AAC tag), and MusePack, Wavpack, Monkey's Audio files
(APE tag), Speex files,
- Auto tagging: parse filename and directory to complete automatically
the fields (using masks),
- Ability to rename files and directories from the tag (using masks) or by
loading a text file,
- Process selected files of the selected directory,
- Recursion for tagging, removing, renaming, saving...,
- Can set a field (artist, title,...) to all other files,
- Read file header information (bitrate, time, ...) and display them,
- Ability to open a directory or a file with an external program,
- CDDB support (manual and automatic search),
- A tree based browser or a view by Artist & Album,
- A playlist generator window,

License: GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+

Maintainer: vaci0

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