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Summary: The drakxtools (diskdrake, ...)

Contains many Mageia Linux applications simplifying users and
administrators life on a Mageia Linux machine. Nearly all of
them work both under X.Org (graphical environment) and in console
(text environment), allowing easy distant work.

- adduserdrake: help you adding a user
- diskdrake: DiskDrake makes hard disk partitioning easier. It is
graphical, simple and powerful. Different skill levels are available
(newbie, advanced user, expert). It's written entirely in Perl and
Perl/Gtk. It uses resize_fat which is a perl rewrite of the work of
Andrew Clausen (libresize).
- drakauth: configure authentication (LDAP/NIS/...)
- drakautoinst: help you configure an automatic installation replay
- drakboot: configures your boot configuration (Lilo/GRUB,
Bootsplash, X, autologin)
- drakkeyboard: configure your keyboard (both console and X)
- draklocale: language configurator, available both for root
(system wide) and users (user only)
- drakmouse: autodetect and configure your mouse
- drakscanner: scanner configurator
- draksound: sound card configuration
- drakx11: menu-driven program which walks you through setting up
your X server; it autodetects both monitor and video card if
- drakxservices: SysV services and daemons configurator
- drakxtv: auto configure tv card for xawtv grabber
- lsnetdrake: display available nfs and smb shares
- lspcidrake: display your pci information, *and* the corresponding
kernel module

Maintainer: tv

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