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Summary: Stateful programmatic web browsing

Stateful programmatic web browsing, after Andy Lester's Perl module

The library is layered: mechanize.Browser (stateful web browser),
mechanize.UserAgent (configurable URL opener), plus urllib2 handlers.

Features include: ftp:, http: and file: URL schemes, browser history,
high-level hyperlink and HTML form support, HTTP cookies, HTTP-EQUIV and
Refresh, Referer [sic] header, robots.txt, redirections, proxies, and
Basic and Digest HTTP authentication. mechanize's response objects are
(lazily-) .seek()able and still work after .close().

Much of the code originally derived from Perl code by Gisle Aas
(libwww-perl), Johnny Lee (MSIE Cookie support) and last but not least
Andy Lester (WWW::Mechanize). urllib2 was written by Jeremy Hylton.

Maintainer: philippem

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