Package : perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-BumpVersionAfterRelease

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Summary: Bump module versions after distribution release

After a release, this module modifies your original source code to
replace an existing "our $VERSION = '1.23'" declaration with the next
number after the released version as determined by Version::Next. Only
the first occurrence is affected and it must exactly match this regular

qr{^our \s+ \$VERSION \s* = \s* '$version::LAX'}mx

It must be at the start of a line and any trailing comments are deleted.
The original may have double-quotes, but the re-written line will have
single quotes.

The very restrictive regular expression format is intentional to avoid
the various ways finding a version assignment could go wrong and to
avoid using PPI, which has similar complexity issues.

For most modules, this should work just fine.

License: ASL 2.0

Maintainer: sander85

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